S A NONFICTION WRITER, I write pieces about the arts and sometimes public policy. I write a couple pieces a week for the New Haven Independent. For several years, I wrote pieces for the New Haven Advocate, my local alternative weekly, covering everything from books and music to zoning and immigration. I've also written book reviews for the Village Voice, Las Vegas Weekly, and New Haven Review. A 2011 book review for the New Haven Advocate was run as a cover story. In 2012 I wrote this piece for Clarkesworld about popular music and the end of the world. In 2014 I wrote this piece, also for Clarkesworld, about Janelle Monae.


Several years ago, I also wrote a long piece called "Imagining the Next War," covering a conference of the same name sponsored by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. That piece was published in March 2007 and is available here as a PDF; hard copies are available from the foundation upon request.